Tuesday, January 06, 2004

What went Right?
I thought that today I would reflect some on what went right over the past year. There have to be some really neat things, since I can think right off hand about what went wrong.

1. Since it's right on the top of my head (and in such recent memory), the New Year's Lock-in was great. The adults who came and helped out really didn't have to do much at all (which is awesome). I think of David Glasgo, Jim Hall, and Wendy Ryan, who all stayed and stayed up all night. They rule! The kids who were here were fantastic. I can't imagine a neater group of young people.

2. Vacations -- We went some awesome places and saw some fantastic things. Top would be England; it would take books to share everything that was awesome about England (even besides that being where Jonathan was conceived). Leeds Castle, the Tottenham Hotspur football match, morning worship and communion at St. Paul's Cathedral...

2b. Grand Canyon -- although we were only there for two days, those were two fantastic days. It was great to see Garrick (thanks especially for use of the truck!). If you've never been to the Grand Canyon, you can't imagine its beauty. It's a must-go trip if you go out west. It kind of reminds me of God; if you've not experienced Him, you can't understand why someone like me could go so nuts about it.

2c. Leitchworth State Park -- Fantastic vacation! This was the first time we took a camper (thanks Jay and Lori!) and brought Scooter with us. The waterfalls were great. The time we spent together away from everyone else was also great.

3. My mom's successful surgery -- last year, Christmas was pretty tough, since Mom could hardly enjoy it at all. After her surgery, she is so much better!!! That's awesome. Here's praying for a great 2004 for her and dad!

4. Youth Specialties National Youthworkers' Convention -- specifically the times of contemplative prayer and the spiritual direction offered there. I've found a home in contemplative prayer and meditation. The Prayer Path Labyrinth is fantastic (if you have a chance to go on it, do it!). The spiritual direction was also fantastic. I was glad to be given the chance to talk out some of the difficulties I have had here with someone there.

5. Friends -- here's a shout-out to Charles and Jay, David, Tony, Bill, David, and, of course, Tara!

After all that, 2003 wasn't so bad after all!

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