Wednesday, March 24, 2004

After today, we only have two more Wednesday morning gatherings for Lenten Bible study. This kind of bums me out, because I really love gathering with the high schoolers at someone's house for fellowship and food and Bible study. It bums me out that general consensus is that weekdays are too busy for God. I mean that -- there are so many excuses, but what it comes down to is that other things take precedence over God. It's all too easy to compartmentalize God into Sundays only: Sunday's my day for God, the rest of the week's for me. It's too easy to unconsiously "keep God out" of school, work, life with friends, etc. With the separation of "church" from everything else, with the mentality that church is "somewhere you go" instead of being "something you are" it makes it too easy to build two different personas, one being the good church person and the other being, well, regular old ____.

I don't have the separation problem. It's not easy for me to "escape" because the church encompasses everything I am. My job is in the church. My religion, well duh. My free time is with God. I escape to quiet times with Him. My friends are, well I think I still have friends ;-)

(cricket mode on again) chirp, chirp (cricket mode off)

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