Monday, April 26, 2004

OK, when I posted last week about someone calling for money... This guy sounded for real, but there were a couple of glaring inconsistencies in what he had to say. It seems like everyone was against him --> of course I'm only getting his side of the story here! I wonder why he really was getting evicted? Why his brother chose to kick him out suddenly before this? Could it be because he was a FAKER? A LIAR?

So when I got the e-mail from the Columbus North District telling us to beware of G______ S______ who was calling churches and misrepresenting his relationship with the conference, I somehow wasn't surprised. What a jerk. I mean, come on! There are actually some suffering people out there who can use the help of the church, but because of @$$e$ like this guy, we're too concerned about scams to give to the needy.

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