Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Nehemiah Leadership Institute

As you might know (I don't know if I actually posted it, or if I just alluded to it) I am a participant in the Nehemiah Leadership Institute. I finished my second week of class last week (and the final week is in January).

Before this, I always excused my lack of organization in this way: I want to be organized, but:
a) I'm too busy
b) I just can't seem to get organized
c) I'm not gifted in organization/administration
d) a combination of all of the above

Though those used to be true, because I have Jesus Christ living in me, I work steadily to become more organized so I can better use the gifts I've been given.

(Yes, that was one of those Christ-Centered Affirmations -- if you don't know what I'm talking about, they are statements of faith in what Jesus is doing with our lives -- something else I gained last week from Nehemiah).

I found that organization is a skill. And like other skills, it can be learned. It can be taught. I can be organized! Of course, like most skills, it takes practice, and, again, like most skills, there will be people who will always be better than I am at it, but that doesn't mean that I should quit trying.

So, anyway, one of the things I'm doing to make myself more organized is setting aside weekly time to look at goals, plans of action, etc. so I can then get to the other work (and sometimes, so i can evaluate the busy work and see if I need to be doing it).

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