Monday, December 13, 2004

My Second Meeting regarding the Discipline Questions happening this Thursday. I think I'll take them a little more seriously than I did last time, especially since last month's discussion ended up being a pretty good one. I see the questions as being a little more valid than I did before the last month's meeting. Last month I was thinking of them as pretty stupid, but as Derik reminded us in his sermon Sunday, "A wise man can get a crumb from any table."

Which makes me think about Derik. Sure, I had a rocky start with him. And I'm still recovering from that. But he's doing things right. He has the best interests of Stonybrook and of the people in our community who don't yet know Jesus Christ. He preaches well (and ought to, for all the time he puts forth). He works hard (puts my lazy butt to shame). He lives what he preaches (not just preaches what he lives -- there is a difference). And the people like him.

So I ought to, too. I'm working on it. I really am. And I do thank God every day for him.

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