Saturday, December 11, 2004

Stupid People!

I just got the news that my cousin's husband is leaving her. She had no warning; he apparently just told her he "doesn't love her anymore." They're telling their 4 kids this afternoon, and he's leaving today.

How junior high of him! I mean, come on. That might have been OK in middle school or high school, but they are grown adults and they have four children. Has he been having an affair? Who knows? Could they save their marriage with some help? Almost certainly!

I, obviously, don't know his side of the story, but it ticks me off. Since August, I've done seven weddings, and it pains me to think of the couples who I counseled divorcing. When I talked with them, I let them know in no uncertain terms that love is a verb -- so if he "doesn't love her anymore" then he'd better start loving her again! That's all there is to it. Well, I know that's overly simplistic, but that's the truth. The best way to keep from getting a divorce is by not getting a divorce. Do everything possible. But "I don't love you anymore"??? That's a cop out. That's all it is.

Stupid people.

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