Wednesday, February 23, 2005

30 Hour Famine

Let me tell you, I am getting psyched about the 30 Hour Famine. Now, normally I'm all anxious about big events like this, and last year wasn't a whole lot different, even though my buddy David did a lot of the planning. This year I've done the planning and I think I'm all set.

What I'm really psyched about is the event itself and what it means. To me, it means that a group of kids will "get it" for a while -- that we live privileged lives and that we have so much while most of the world goes without. They will feel hunger, and through that, they will get to feel solidarity with the poor, the ones Jesus called "blessed".

There's something about ministering in an affluent area that is both rewarding and difficult. Many parents don't understand their kids' desire to change the world; the world is basically fine, according to those parents. As long as their kids excel in their activities (sports, band, academics, etc) enough to go to a "good" college and get a "good" job and make lots of money, everything is fine.

And then there are those crazy activities like the 30 Hour Famine and ASP; things that change worldviews. Just think, by the end of the day today, 29,000 children will have died from hunger. Every 3 seconds, another one dies. How long did it take you to read this? Divide it by 3 and that's how many kids died while you read it...

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PA said...

We're doing the famine too. Last year I only had 4 students do it. This year it is at least 25. I too look forward to a large number of my students "getting it" for once.