Friday, April 01, 2005

I Hate Monopoly!

We played with our small group this week. I didn't really want to play it, but I know my wife loves the game and there's nobody to play it with her. Actually, she brought out three games, and three of us played rock-paper-scissors to see which game we'd play. Monopoly won.

I landed on (count 'em) two properties to buy. Two. Measley. Properties. Meanwhile, others were buying houses and hotels on their monopolies. It wasn't that I wasn't trying; I just couldn't catch a break. So then I (luckily) went to jail. I stepped out of the room to get myself a drink, and when I came back, they were taking my money!! Turns out they went ahead and rolled for me (since it was my mandatory get out of jail time), and they landed me on a property with a hotel. So not only did I lose, but I didn't even get the chance to be a loser myself!

Bleah. Stupid game. But to its credit, it does't claim anywhere to be fun. At least I got to have the dog as my token. That's the only token that can lift its leg and "mark" all of the properties as its own.

In the future, I'll stick to Settlers of Catan. Now that's a real game!

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nate said...

Settlers is definately better!!! But Star War Monopoly is pretty fun too. It's cool to be of the Empire and squash everybody.