Saturday, June 18, 2005

Soccer Update...

Today was the championship game for the "Wings" -- the team I've been playing with for the last three years. We were going in as the underdogs; though I remember beating this same team in seasons past, they had beaten us this year. I was out that game; I think it was when I was on vacation.

They apparently had beaten us on a couple of fast breaks (plus scoring a goal when they caught Gus going for a drink of water didn't hurt them any). It was still close (3-2), but a loss is a loss(though I hear that Jeff scored a header).

Anyway, back to the game. I started in goal because Lance wasn't there yet. I defended on what should have been an easy goal, but the guy shanked it in front of an all-but open net. I found that because of the hyperextended knee I suffered the previous week, I couldn't really punt the ball, so after one punt, all my distribution came as throws.

On to the exciting part: In the first half, Adam started off the scoring with a rocket from just inside the penalty box. Score at half time: 1-0. In about 20 minutes, they evened the score with a nifty deflection on a cross (the recipient of the cross was running near post and simply deflected the ball into the far side of the net). 1-1. Immediately after their goal, while they were still celebrating, we restarted. Adam played the ball to the corner, where Jamie ran onto it. He crossed it into the middle, past the sprawling keeper, where I (now playing center mid instead of left back, where I played most of the first half) put a shot on target. A defender blocked it straight back to me. I hit another shot on target, which was also blocked. The third attempt was successful, and we went up 2-1.

Later I had a neat give-and-go with Jamie; he hit me toward the center and I stalled and then noticed that he was way open along the left side. I slid the ball through him (their left fullback keeping him onside), for another goal: 3-1.

That's the way it ended. For all of you who dumped me from your fantasy teams, hahah! I had 5 shots, 4 on target, scored the game winner, had an assist, and played some 10 scoreless minutes in the goal. A pretty good outing, and we won the t-shirts!

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