Sunday, July 31, 2005

A Full Weekend

We decided to go to Columbus this Saturday for a visit, and we fit about as much into a short visit as possible. First, we stopped at the store formerly known as Galyans (we were much disappointed in their selection in the camping area -- Galyans used to rule the outdoors world). But anyway, we got Tara some new shoes, a brand called Ryka that specializes in women's shoes. They are built narrower at the heels and wider at the toes for a better fit. I wish they made men's shoes that way!

Then I made an appearance at the soccer field to play with my old team. It was fun to see everyone, and they all seemed happy to see me. I had a couple of good plays, including a secondary assist (I hate that statistic, by the way). I got the ball on the run straight down the middle of the field. I had two players, one to either side, and their sweeper gave me the guy on the right side. I hit him with a pass, and he immediately returned it to the other guy (the one running on my left). Easy goal. I had told Tara I'd only play one half, so I left at half time (though I would have liked to have stayed). It was good to see Jeff and Nikki there. You guys rule!

Then off to friends' for "lunch." We were expecting to leave there at 1:30 or 2, but it wasn't until 3 that we finally left for our other friends' house. We had a great time there and talked about a lot of things.

Did I mention that on the way down to Columbus, we saw the Good Year blimp... on the ground?

Today I had a good day. This morning before Sunday School, a young sparrow flew into the church building. That's an easy thing to do this time of year, as our air conditioning is "open the windows and doors". It was flying across and around the building for over an hour. I suggested that we change the song to His Eye is on the Sparrow. I also joked that at least it wasn't a squirrel. One of the older guys was rather amazed that I was old enough to know that song. Finally, minutes before service started, we got it cornered up in a sunday school classroom. You should have seen me scurrying after it with a trash can (did I mention that I'm afraid of birds?). Finally D caught it... with his bare hands!

During service, Matt was there, and he gave an update on Beth. It was good to see him there. I preached from 1 Kings 19 and thought it went pretty well.

This afternoon, I played soccer again with my group in Wapak, and was invited to play in a 3-0n-3 tournament next week. It was pretty cool that these guys were talking about a team and immediately asked if I was playing with anyone. I have started to feel at home here, maybe moreso than I felt in Gahanna.

Sure, there are some awesome people there in Gahanna, and I made some really strong friendships (and hopefully I will be able to keep in touch with those friends). But for a long time, I felt out-of-place and pretty lonely. I didn't have very many friends my age. I was always having to beg my way onto an indoor soccer team (or outdoor, for that matter, until I joined the Wings, and, well, that was co-ed, and that's not my favorite brand of ball). I've already started to feel more, well, more ME than I did most of the time in Gahanna. Right now I don't have anyone breathing down my back, badmouthing me, backstabbing me, none of that. I don't have the complaining or the feeling that I don't have a life outside the church building. I wonder how much prayer has to do with that?

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Derek said...

Who do you think you are now? David Beckham? LOL