Friday, July 15, 2005

Y not?

Wednesday we joined the Y. In columbus, we had been members of California Fitness, and I went pretty regularly. It wasn't far -- maybe 2 miles tops. But there's nothing that close here (and nothing that cheap, either; you can't beat $35/month for two people), but the Y isn't too far away. Actually, there are two that we're now members of; one's really near, in New Bremen (pronounced: BREE men -- yes, the "New" is silent), and in Celina (pronounced Suh LINE uh). The Celina one is bigger and has racquetball courts, but the Bremen one is closer. Tara joined a couple of classes -- one's a water exercise one, and the other is called "Water Babies" and it's for her and Jonathan.

Meanwhile, I went and played soccer at the "high school open field" last night. It's really strange here; I'm used to the "no contact" rule that we had to follow in Kentucky where the coach wasn't allowed to be around the team until practice officially started. Here they're allowed to have "open fields" with coaches present and everything. There are some rules; for example, players aren't allowed to be penalized for not showing up to "open field." Of course, every other team penalizes those kids, but they don't leave evidence. They aren't allowed to keep score of any scrimmages or games or whatever either. I don't know what's up with that; high school kids will keep score, no matter what.

And everyone knew that my side won. Except that the other side scored when we announced "last goal" so that made them the winner. :-) It was fun to be out there, but it was obvious that it was early in the pre-season.

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