Tuesday, August 02, 2005

To the Fair We Go...

Sunday morning in the announcements time, someone announced that he had free passes to the County Fair, and if anyone wanted them, they could ask him. I thought about it but wanted to let anyone else have dibs first (though he said he had 12 of them). By the end of service (of course), I had forgotten about them. I remembered on Monday, so I called. Who knows? Maybe he had a couple left. It turned out that nobody had asked him for any of them, and they were good for Tuesday only! So he gave them all to us.

We went shortly after noon today. We found a nice bit of shade to eat our lunch in (really disappointed that we didn't find the Auglaize Cattlemen's association tent earlier), and after lunch, we went to the circus. Tara and I saw a Barnum & Bailey Circus a few years back (enough years that we saw it at Rosemont Horizon), and though these were no Ringling Brothers, we had a good time. Jonathan liked the trained dog act best. I think I did, too. I still can't watch the high-flying stuff. It scares me as much as it did when I was a little kid and I seriously thought that the acrobats would die right while I watched.

Then we checked out some of the animals. Jonathan loved it.


Sister and Mom (we both think so) said...

That is about the cutest picture ever taken in the history of the world!!!

The Dunce said...

Wow, he's really big. But what's with the tie-dyed shirt? Do you want him to grow up to be a dirty hippy?! Get that boy a cardigan at once.