Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Top Cities

I've joined the millions (or, at least my immediate family) in trying to determine my ideal living place. In fact, Tara and I both did the quiz, and we came up with some, well, unique lists.

Brian’s Top Cities / Tara's Top Cities
1. Norfolk, VA / Biloxi-Gulfport, MS
2. Clarksville, TN / Gainesville, FL
3. Hickory, NC / Tallahassee, FL
4. Oklahoma City, OK / Galveston, TX
5. Tulsa, OK / Savannah, GA
6. Hampton, VA / Bryan-College Station, TX
7. Louisville, KY / Clearwater, FL
8. Gainesville, FL / Daytona Beach, FL
9. Knoxville, TN / Corpus Christi, TX
10. Cincinnati, OH / Athens, GA
11. Jackson, MS / Tuscaloosa, AL
12. Chattanooga, TN / Charleston, SC
13. Augusta, GA / Ocala, FL
14. Jacksonville, FL / Jacksonville, FL
15. Springfield, MO / Brownsville, TX
16. Greenville, SC / McAllen, TX
17. Seattle, WA / Jackson, MS
18. Tacoma, WA / St. Petersburg, FL
19. El Paso, TX / Boca Raton, FL
20. Asheville, NC / Augusta, GA
21. Charleston, SC / Hickory, NC

Note that all of Tara's are in the south, while mine (besides the Washington State anomolies) are all in the south-east. Gainesville, FL showed up prominently in both our polls. Also interesting to note that Jacksonville, FL placed #14 on both of our lists. I suppose this means that I'll be closer to her than to any of the rest of my family...


BiG Mama said...

Hey, but you and I will be neighbors in many places! Interesting that yours matched mine more closely than most others.

I hope the Bro will come visit!

The Dunce said...

Did Tara specifically select the "southeast" region, or did the area come about Naturally(TM)?

Too hot and humid for me, that's all I know.

The Sister said...

Why oh why do they list Seattle and Tacoma separately, that's my question. Aside from why did you get it and the dunce not, but that's already been addressed, right? And right next to each other in the list, which makes sense since they are right by each other. (If only I could have referred to money in that sentence, I could have used all three cents, sense, since...)

The Dunce said...