Saturday, August 13, 2005

What If Cartoons Got Saved?

There's an old song by Chris Rice that poses the above question. Now, I admit that I was about the last person in the world who ever heard the song, and I'll admit that it probably wasn't aimed at my demographic (although most of the cartoon references are from my childhood years, and though I didn't grow up watching them, they were all familiar to me). Some of the kids really like the song, however, especially younger teenagers.

The premise of the song (for those of you who don't know it) is if cartoon characters "got saved" that they would start singing praise "in a whole new way" -- the "whole new way" consisting of silly ways to integrate their speech patterns with the word "Hallelujah." Now, on one level, that seems to make theological sense; we've each been given a unique personality, and each one of us has the opportunity to praise God in a way that is true to ourselves.

My biggest beef with the song, however, is Rice's suggestion that Beavis and "that other guy" (he was probably afraid to say "Butthead" on a CCM record; that or the CCM censors wouldn't let him say it) couldn't (or wouldn't) get saved.

"How 'bout Beavis and that other guy? NAH!" I, for one, recall "that other guy" asking Beavis, "What is Christmas about?" to which Beavis answered, "It's when we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ." (of course, when "that other guy" asked him, "What'd you say?!?!" he denied saying anything, but that just shows the pressure a kid like Beavis has when he's made a profession of faith. Note that Beavis called Jesus "Lord and Savior." Certainly sounds like he could be saved, doesn't it?

Stranger things have happened.


Matthew said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one that song grates on. I mean, even if it's not my style, it's still original and clever.

But yeah, why does Rice say 'naaahhh...' to the idea of B+B getting saved?

Is it because they're too pagan? What about Homer, Chris? Could Homer be saved?

Maybe reading too much into this, but why is Scooby eligible for redemption, but these badly drawn teenagers aren't.

Tain't fair.

motherhen1961 said...

Maybe it's not that they aren't or can't be saved but that their language was unacceptable...I never heard the naaahhh but heard their response buzzed out.

Unacceptable language was one of the reasons I refused to entertain even the thought of poor father stumbled upon it one day and was trying to figure out the dialog and what it was (They were in two bathroom stalls) I had to rescue him and then listen to his tirade for an hour when I explained what was going on...