Thursday, October 20, 2005

Some silly questions and their answers (again, on the fluffier side of things):

Got this from Jeff, who got it from Rick, Answer the questions on your blog and leave a url in the comments

1) What do you like most about FALL? What do you like least? I like football season. I like the leaves' colors. I like the cooler temperatures (not the cold, just the cooler temps). I don't like it when it rains and all the leaves, having just turned colors, all fall into the streets and fill the gutters with their messiness.

2) What is your favorite cold weather meal? Chili!

3) What is your favorite cold weather pastime? Snow Football. I like to ski, but I rarely get to do it.

4) What is your favorite holiday TV special? eh. Not really jazzed about any. I do like the Charlie Brown Christmas story -- do they show that on TV anymore?

5) BONUS: What are you going to get me for Christmas? Now, if I told you, it would ruin the surprise!


anonymous sister said...

1) crisp not cold weather
2) have to second chili, and hot chocolate
3) sitting inside with a good book
4) none
5) coal

BiG Mama said...

1) Like:The beautiful trees; Don't like: COLD
2) Have to agree: chili & cheese
3) Snuggling up in many blankets or in front of fireplace with a good book--and cross country skiing
4) You gotta be kidding!
5) Ugly socks and underwear