Wednesday, November 23, 2005


In case you didn't know, I spent last week in Germany. I didn't want to announce it on this site because I'm sure that common theives would have read it and come plundering. It would have been sad to return home to find my stash of used chewing gum gone and my card collection (that's the "crummy deck" to the initiated) strewn across the town.

So anyway, Mitch, the pastor I followed here at NK, had two tickets to Germany, so he invited me to come along. Remember that I studied German in college, but the only time I'd used it since was when Chad and I declared it "German Day" on the worksite in seminary. So last Monday we left (arriving at 10:00 Tuesday morning).

I won't quite be giving a day-by day report, especially since Tuesday was pretty much a blur, but I wanted to at least start the report about my trip.
Some highlights from Tuesday: did you know that you can get pizza with "polyp" on it in Baden Baden (the town so nice they had to name it twice)? Can you imagine shaving a polyp onto someone's pizza?

More will come later, including some highlights of meeting new friends from NK's sister church in Wuppertal, some conversations about some cultural differences, some nice pictures, and, of course, some general observations.

In the meantime, I've got sermons to write. And if I don't write before then, have a great Thanksgiving!

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