Thursday, December 01, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Because my brother lives across the pond, family gatherings can be difficult. We get together when we can, which usually means whenever David and Amanda can come to the states. This year we once again celebrated our family Christmas nearer to Thanksgiving. On Sunday afternoon, we all convened in Noblesville, and on Monday we had The Meal and we opened gifts.
We had all sorts of great food, including some delicious veggie options from the England bunch.

Then, after dinner, we had the most horrifying drinks ever. No, we're not one of those families who get rip-roaring blasted every time we get together. Quite on the contrary. But the sister used perfectly good money to purchase this swill put out by Jones soda... It was a whole Thanksgiving meal, all in soda form. Sound gross? It's much worse than it sounds. The smell of the Brussels sprout soda was enough to make me gag. Enter the Noblesvillian... who chugged almost the whole bottle of the stuff. Just the thought makes me shudder.

Following the adventures in Noblesville, the siblings all came to NK for a visit. We went to the NK Historical Society and the NB Bicycle Museum, among other things. I had always wanted to ride one of those old bikes.


Heath said...

Hey BV, Jones' root beer is great but thanksgiving in a bottle?!? I would rather get rip-roaring blasted! (out of a cannon that is! :) I'm glad you got to see your fam, your brother has awesome lamb chops!

Big Mama said...

Great Photos. David's photo is really great!!

Agreed: I never tasted anything as bad as that dinner in a bottle! I much preferred, however, the brussel sprouts to the turkey and stuffing!