Saturday, January 07, 2006

Happy 2006!

I am officially in the New Blogging Year. Not to say anything profound, because it's late, but instead, to offer some of my highlights of last year.

I won't try to be thorough. It's too late and I'm sleepy. But here's what I'm thinking:

Favorite Music:
  • The Allman Brothers Band. I was in college that Drew R turned me on to the Allmans, and I've never looked back. When it comes to doing work, I can't beat the Allmans. When it comes to driving, especially through more scenic areas than NW Ohio, there's nothing better than Live at Fillmore East.
  • I don't think I could do much better than the Johnny Staats Project when it comes to what I'd like to hear every day, though I'm partial to Ricky Skaggs as well. I think the thing about Johnny Staats is that the music moves me.
  • I think my current favorites have to be the Violet Burning. They impress me with their honest lyrics and with their sound. I have also enjoyed them live a couple of times, and I think they were maybe my favorite live act ever, after the Prayer Chain, that is (sorry for the non-official prayer chain link -- I couldn't find one just off the top of google, but I didn't want to look very hard for it).
  • B.B. King. The guy still has it.
  • And the surprise for the year: Sufjan Stevens. I have to admit, I first disliked him mostly because my brother likes him a lot (in defiance of my middle school love primarily for music that my brother liked simply because he liked it, sometimes when I didn't like it at all. Note for any interested readers: I didn't really care that I fell asleep and missed the Box of Frogs video because I never cared for them). In fact, I went to the NPR website and listened to a song by Sufjan Stevens and hated it. Really hated it. But then for some reason I checked out some Sufjan Christmas music, and it completely revitalized Christmas music for me. I was already hating Christmas music before Christmas came near, partially because I hadn't heard anything new for so long (or, rather, because it all sounded the same, or because I would hear the same bland versions of the same bland songs again and again (though I still like "Big Daddy" Burl Ives), or because one can only take "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" so many times). So anyway, I really enjoyed the Sufjan Stevens Christmas stuff. So much that I regained a love for Christmas music. So bring a torch, Jeannette, Isabella, bring a torch, come quickly and run and listen to some Sufjan Stevens. And if you don't like it, you can blame my brother.


Brian Eberly said...
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Brian Eberly said...

I haven't hear about the Prayer Chain in a long time. I went to the same church as Tim Taber, vocalist, when I was a kid.

The Thief said...

That's pretty cool. Did he sing at church? I saw the Prayer Chain for the first time in some little bar in Chicago and they blew me away. The music was awesome, but the intensity and honesty was what really blew me away.