Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Make Money on your Blog

When I went to the blogger homepage, there was an ad for an ad service that claims that it will allow me to make money on my blog. Now, I'm all about getting a little extra money, but generally for something like that to work, it means that my faithful readers would have to either buy something or at least click on ad links over which I would have no control.

First of all, I dismantled the "next blog" feature specifically because I wanted to have input as to where people can directly go from my blog.

Secondly, I know I have a pretty decent handful of people who read this, but not enough that I would actually make any real money. Besides, it would be like those Cub Scout and PAL soccer fundraisers I always had to do when I was a kid -- it would be sticking the same people with the bill, and all for me to make back the $.02 that I'm giving here.

So in the interest of the integrity of my spot, no thanks, advertising links...


Brian Eberly said...

How do you dismantle the "next blog" thing. I've been wanting to do that, but haven't been able to figure out how.

Dunce said...

I know some (fairly high traffic) bloggers who have made a little money from advertising. But not through unknown ad links provided by services like the one you mention, but for companies and products they actually endorse. They are also situations where the blogger has editorial power and specifically approves & places the ads (OK, a blogger must have some clout to do this).

I can just see what your blog would look like with uncontrolled ads (possibly decided by content of your posts).

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The Thief said...

Maybe I should rethink those ads!!!! The possibilities are so good!