Monday, January 09, 2006

So Far, So Good

I started a new seminary class today at a new seminary. Well, new for me, and new location for them, I guess. I am taking Methodist History at United Seminary. I think the seminary itself is a bit more liberal than my taste; I'm glad I'm not taking my entire coursework there. But anyway, I give the prof an initial thumbs up.

Not only did he manage to teach while getting over a migrane, and not only did he let us go a little early from the first 4 hour marathon class, but he also sprinkled in the following comments:

"Samuel Wesley was a schoolmate of Daniel Defoe. And Daniel Defoe wrote...




OK, so I thought it was pretty funny. That's what happens when a professor is from the same generation as me.

We were also talking about something or other and the prof went down a rabbit hole and something was said about Vegas, and the prof told us, "In my family, what happens in Vegas... doesn't happen in Vegas."

So anyway, the class gets a first day thumbs up...


Anonymous said...

We tried to go to the Wesley Museum and House over the Christmas break. We went into the museum and were greeted by a nice lady at the desk who asked us where we were from. Then about ten minutes later as we were reading the wall text (I was on evangalism in Ireland and David was on some early schisms I believe) all the lights suddenly went out. I should note the museum is in a basement with no natural light. We felt our way out only to have the same nice lady tell us she didn't think any one was there. We must be very forgetable. They shut for an hour for services. We did not go back to finish the museum or see the house. Maybe someday.

Oh, and the schooling with Daniel Defoe was in Stoke Newington, which you know is in our hood.

---Mrs Dunce

Brian Eberly said...

"Let my Cameron go."

Sounds like a fun prof.!

Dunce said...

Dear Sir,

"United" would be so much cooler if it had kept the name "Bonebrake".

Best wishes,

The Sister said...

He didn't REALLY call on Bueller, did he? TOO good. But perhaps it was so like said classic movie scene that your overactive imagination filled in the rest???
I'm glad it turned out better than you were afeared.

Anonymous said...

He really did call on Bueller. I kid you not.


'neice said...

He sounds like a great prof. :)