Thursday, January 26, 2006

Study Break

Every once in a while, I need to take a break from working. Today I finished my sermon for Sunday and I'm working on a Bible study on the book of Philippians. I've been working pretty much nonstop all day (ok, I did break for lunch).

So pretty soon, I'll make a trek to the YMCA (don't even sing the song) and get some exercise. I went in the afternoon yesterday and have the following observations:
  • 10-12 year old boys with basketballs are pretty funny. I was shooting some baskets before I swam, and as I shot free-throws, the boys started coming in for their practice. One little guy, who had to be the worst one out there, was shooting on the same basket, and he made a shot, so I said, "Nice shot!" Pretty soon I missed a free throw, and he said, "Bad shot!" I felt like swatting his next shot into the next court and coming back with a "Get that weak stuff outta here!" shout. hehehe Other boys were dunking on a very low rim, every one of them hanging on the rim long enough that even LeBron would have gotten a technical foul called. Then there were the two kids who were football-throwing the basketballs from waaaaaaaaaay downtown...
  • I can't swim very fast. There was a swim team practicing, and I was right by a lane where there were about 5 girls swimming their laps. When I had my fins on and when I was swimming as fast as I could, I could keep up. Otherwise, byebye.
  • Whatever locker I choose to put my stuff - that's where all the teenage boys will also put their stuff. Never fail. I'll come back from the shower to find two or three teenagers all clustered around my locker because they had randomly chosen the lockers right next to mine. Now, I don't mind so much, but I know they don't want to be standing there when I drop the towel.

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