Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Moosh, Peace!

Ok, that's not some kind of phrase meaning, "lay down your weapons." Nor is it a Bree Yark-esque "we surrender" (of course, if you actually know the language, Bree Yark does not actually mean "we surrender"). No, moosh, peace means "Movie, Please" in Jonathanese, and usually that "movie" is something Baby Einstein has produced, preferably "Baby Neptune" (properly called "Water" in Jonathanese.

Below is a short tutorial in Jonathanese.

B a a a a a=the sound a sheep makes
Baby (alt. Beebee)=Baby, or the big book of children's stories including Baby Says
Bobble bobble=the sound a turkey makes (gobble gobble)
DeeDee=Blanket (it also seems to mean the tassles on the edges of his blanket -- today he called my hat DeeDee, too, and it has the same tassles).
Deeeeee!=What's that?
Mommy (the pronounciation is more like Mahmeee)=Mommy
Mooo=the sound a cow makes
Nanny=banana, Grandma (I wonder if he thinks his grandma C is actually named Banana?)
Tacktorrr (alt. Tacktow)=Tractor
Water=Water (the kid loves water!), but it can mean anything that Mommy & Daddy are drinking, including Kool-Aid.


Cyndee said...

That's so cute! Had our kids ever gotten together there may have been a breakdown in our house, "Moosh, peace" meant "move, please" but has since been replace with "cootch ova" (scootch over). However, they would have had no problem letting the "joosch" flow!

Uncle Dunce said...

His vocabulary includes words for two animals, and one of them is OX (ots)?!? Do you have an ox farm nearby? or perhaps a pet ox?

Ronda said...

Thanks for the info!! I think I've caught on to most of it! (Tara filled me in on moosh today! I don't think I would have picked up on that one!)

You have a cute kid!!!! (of course, look whose kid he is) ;)

Big Mama said...

And I notice you failed to mention his 2 sentences.....What Daddy says, and what Mommy says. Is there a reason?