Saturday, February 11, 2006

Why don't I?

I often wonder this. Why don't I_____? For example, I wonder, Why don't I have the same kind of quiet time with God when I swim as when I run? (the short answer is because I don't have to worry about drowning when I'm running).

Or, when I get to the computer, why don't I remember what it was that I was going to write about that was so deep and meaningful and instead write about the dog catching a mouse? And why is it that when I do have a meaningful thought, it always comes while I'm doing something else, yet we expect people to sit quietly and "thoughtfully" and "listen" and think that they'll have meaningful thoughts.

Why don't I daydream anymore? I can still manage to avoid doing work, but I just don't daydream. I used to...

Why do so many people hate mullets so much? After all, 20 years ago, everyone had one and nobody complained then (except grandparent types who would say that no boy in their day would have that long, girly hair, and that if it was their kid, they'd cut it right here and now, and don't even think of coming in here with an earring, boy, or I'll rip that thing out of your head).

Why don't I follow through and do what I was planning to do? I'm talking about when I come home from doing something and I say to myself: As soon as I put Jonathan to bed, I'll practice my guitar (quietly, of course). Then, before I know it, three hours have passed and I'm way too tired to play the guitar. I'm the same way about riding my bike, too. It's pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

Why am I so easily distracted? Oh, yeah, I know that answer.

What other questions in life do you have? Leave them on a comment and we can discuss them.


Ronda said...

Why is it "we" are so quick to point out people's shortcomings, faults and mistakes, but we miss so many opportunities to build each other up?!

Chuckinator said...

Two comments in one: Why do M&M's not melt in your hand? But, melt in your mouth? Aren't they the same temperature?

AND: Why does God put mouths on fools who spread disention, and seemingly make those with wisdom mute?