Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Soccer

"Anonymous" asked about Sunday afternoon soccer, so this is a perfect chance to talk up my latest soccer exploits. But first of all, we're playing in St. Marys at Geiger Park from 3-5 these days.

This past week I was the master of the poached goal (but, as I said, in soccer, unlike big game hunting, poaching is encouraged). The first one I got was a rebound; the original shot was low to the keeper's left and he parried it straight to me, so I put it low between him and the post. The second was a huge defensive error: the defender had the ball to my left and was being chased by a forward. Defender passed across his goal mouth about 20 yards out... straight to where I was running. I hit a first time strike to the keeper's right. Finally, I was frankly waiting for a good chance to take a water break, so I had drifted to the left side of the field. I noticed that we had the ball, so I meandered my way to the back post right in time for the ball to squeak through to me. hehehe

If you had me for your fantasy team, I had 5 shots, 4 on goal, 3 goals, and no fouls or cards. So now that I've bored you with my pick-up game stats, I'll just be content to wonder who "anonymous" is.


Gary said...

Thanks Brian.
My name is Gary and I come down from Lima. I had no idea where the game moved to and I realized that even after 5 years, I didn't even know anyone's last name to try and call. I was so desperate that I just started googling anything I could think. Luckily, you've mentioned wapak and soccer on your blog and then I recognized you from your picture so I knew I was getting somewhere. Thanks a million, it's been murder watching the Cup and not going out to play. See you out there sometime.

muzik316 said...

"Anonymous" is your wife. She wants you to quite playing soccer and mow the lawn. =)