Saturday, July 15, 2006

Run to the Moon

This morning I ran in the Wapak "Run to the Moon" 5K race (it's in conjunction with their Summer Moon Festival). There were quite a few people there - more than a Gahanna race (which was mercifully cancelled this year because of construction) - but less than Celina. I admit that I was hopeful when I saw that I was only the 3rd competitor entered in my age group (there ended up being 6 in the 30-34 category). Note my starting position: outside right (in the gray/black).

The race started at a relatively slow pace. By relatively slow, I mean that I could still see the leaders at the mile mark (turns out they were right around 6 minutes at the mile compared to my 6:34 -- which is a little too fast for me right now).

My second mile was about 7:20, and my third mile was also 7:20. That, plus the final .1 mile, put me at 22:04 in 24th place overall (the winner was in the 18:50s, which was a bad time for me as a high school freshman). I would like to turn it into a 3 consistant sub-7 minute miles, but no matter: that effort put me in line for hardware: I was 1st in my age group, so I got a pottery "medal" (custom made by the Wapak High School Arts and Pottery Club).

And the funny thing is: I actually have energy to do other stuff today.


Derek said...

Great job!!!! You still make me sick with the whole running thing, LOL

muzik316 said...

Did you get any where when you ran? What age bracket where you in by the way... congrats on 1st palce within it.

Carol said...

Good job!! I grew up in Celina and lived in Wapak before going into full time ministry...good to see someone else who has heard of Wapak other than me and my husband.