Friday, August 04, 2006

Decisions, Decisions

When I was in middle school, I bemoaned my lack of freedom to make my own decisions. I didn't really have any such lack of freedom, and there weren't any big decisions that I didn't get a chance to make on my own, but it sure seemed like it.

Anyway, now as an adult, everything is a decision. The big one is how to spend time wisely. For example, a buddy from college is getting married at the end of October. How good a friend, you ask? Well, he stood up in my wedding. He let us crash at his house for a few days when we were in Phoenix for the NYWC a few years back, and he even let us take his truck to the Grand Canyon.

The first problem comes in the fact that I've already committed to be away from the church on one Sunday in October (for the Columbus Marathon). Two Sundays away would be difficult, especially since that's when I'm planning to be in the middle of a 40 day discipleship experience with the church. To miss two Sundays out of six is pretty bad.

The second problem is in finances. As some of you know, we have just experienced a pretty large expenditure and, while we had the money available for that, we are going to be needing a whole lot more before all is said and done. And the wedding is in Las Vegas - meaning a $320+ fare (assuming both of us go and fly Southwest), and then there's a hotel room for three nights (figure another $300 once you've included tax, title, and license), and we've still not eaten anything or gotten from one place to another.

So we've pretty much decided that we'll go and visit the couple another time, when we can actually spend some time with them. Hopefully that will actually happen.


the Sister said...

#1. He is a terrific guy and a good friend and will understand fully.
#2. You don't get to spend a whole lot of time with THE COUPLE at the time of the wedding anyway. Wouldn't it be nicer to wait a little, let them get settled in, and go out and spend a weekend with just them, not them and 100 of their other friends that they also have to make sure get their attention?
I know it's important to you to be at the weddings of your friends, especially the ones who are this good, but I know he's a good enough friend to let you off the hook.

Big Mama said...

The Sis said it all! I was all set to come in and say mostly the same thing but, as often happens, we share the brain--and mouth or, in this case, the keyboard.
You'll do the right thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the sister. - Chuckinator

Ronda said...

I can completely relate to and understand your thoughts and dilemma...and I completely agree with your sister and others!