Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Meet My Friends

Have you ever been to one of those gatherings where you only know two people and in the little time they actually have with you, they introduce you to their friends who they "know you'll love"? Weddings are the ultimate in this: unless you're related to the bride or groom (or, in Kentucky, to both of them), you probably don't know that many people. And if you're the pastor, you know even fewer (and if you're the pastor's spouse, forget about knowing anyone!), but free food is free food.

So you usually get stuck sitting at some table with people you don't know (or sometimes you're stuck with the few people you do know and don't like!!!), and often there's someone you've just met who dominates the conversation (like at the wedding of a musician friend of my wife, where the young-couple-with-baby was letting everyone know how they were the best parents ever because they were going to let little Il Cornuto (ok, so that wasn't really his name) do this or that and they weren't going to force him to do that or this.

Well, I thought I would introduce you to some friends, but in this electronic age of blogging, you don't have to sit by these people and if they bore you, you don't have to read their pages. You can just leave and nobody will notice.

First of all, the family who blogs together, um, something.
  • My wife is over at Whose Line...
  • My brother is the Dunce
  • You can Call my sister's spot What You Want
  • Her husband, who my son frequently calls "Bum" is the Noblesvillian
  • And even Big Mama is in on the blogging action (supposedly just so she can comment on ours, but, for just a commenter, she's done pretty well at posting)

Some of the "friends" I link to are friends I've known for a long time.

  • DaBigBuddah is a friend from all the way back in high school who happened to be the founder of the CWF (yes, that was the professional wrestling game we played at lunch in high school).
  • Nate and I have been friends since our seminary days. We used to run together every morning. 3 miles every day. Just us and the dog. Now Nate's a dad, too, and his son Tommy has his own blog as well.
  • JCaptian74 (aka Jason, aka AnyTyme) used to be one of my high school kiddos in Gahanna. Now that he's all growed up, I just consider him a friend.
  • The Chuckinator and his wife, "The MRS" (as he calls her; I prefer to use her teacher nickname) are also friends from Gahanna.
  • I met Dr. Chuck Pearson at my sister's wedding ten years ago (back when Chuck wasn't Dr. and when he had really long hair) and, upon reading his blog, I decided that I just had to link to him.
  • My friend Derek at Live on Two Legs is one of the founders of YMX (Youth Ministry Exchange) and I met him at the Atlanta National Youthworkers Convention a couple of years back. He's the master of multi-tasking and is somewhat of a walking* footie encyclopedia (*note that I did not say "running" there). I've never met Deneice at The Journey personally, but she's also a friendly YMXer with a great story.
  • I've never met Brian Eberly or MUZIK316 at Jesus & Java (I wouldn't even know his name, except that Brian E has him listed by name), but I stumbled across Brian's blog through the YMX blog roll and Dan's through Brian's).

So now you know some of the people I link to. I hope you like them. I do! Feel free to browse their blogs and comment on them. Oh, and while I've got your attention, go visit Heath over at Another Day in the Dream and congratulate him on a year of blogging and two homers in the same game.


Anonymous said...

Two homers? Do they make the same weather predictions?

muzik316 said...

Umm.... that muzik316 guy is odd. He's never meet Brian either. In fact he does not know a soul personally who blogs. Can we define personal? Does it involve meeting in person or can you have a deep, personal relationship with a friend who has never heard your voice or seen you even in a photo?

Derek said...

ROFL..........thanks for not using "running"