Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

I celebrated my 35th birthday yesterday with a "cake" (really brownies) baked by Jonathan.

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It turned out very well.

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Other than the cake and a bike ride with Jonathan, I didn't really celebrate on my birthday because I was pretty busy. But we had a chance to go out on Saturday, and that was a lot of fun. Actually we went out Friday and Saturday. On Friday, we went to a pumpkin farm, where Jonathan got to pick out a pumpkin and see (and pet) various farm animals. He especially loved chasing the chickens and playing in the hay.
On Saturday we went to some garage sales and the big purchase was a seat for the back of my bike (for Jonathan to ride in). He loves it.

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The only bad thing in the whole weekend was Sunday afternoon. Our Conference's bishop was scheduled to speak in our district, and we clergy members were expected to attend. So I cut my (much-needed) nap short (Saturday night was a rough one in our house) and drove to the location where the bishop would be speaking.

Did I mention that they wanted clergy spouses to come, too? I think that was an expectation as well, but they don't make any plans for childcare, and, well, those sorts of events are just not my clergy spouse's cup of tea. So she skipped.

The bishop was late, and then it took a while to get his multi-media presentation set up, so he passed out a handout. I looked at it and realized that I recognized it. He had, in fact, presented the same information at Annual Conference! Now, it wasn't bad information; in fact, it was useful enough that I used some of it when I was preaching from Acts 2 this Summer. But the fact that he presented it again at a required meeting was annoying.

But what was most annoying was his opening remarks: "It's such a beautiful day outside that I expected to find an empty room, but you are all here! You must not have lives." To misquote a famous philosophical masterpiece, "Right here with your beans, O'Bishop!"

Is it any wonder when it came time for the question and answer hour, I snuck out? It must have been pretty compelling for me to have skipped the ice cream social they were going to have following the meeting (and the adoption of the district budget).


'neice said...

I love the pix! Cool birthday! My grandps'a b-day is a week from today and then mine a little later so we are going to celebrate in the middle of the month. I am so over birthdays!

Ronda said...

Sorry about your wasted time...but I *LOVE* the pictures!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Tim said...

I had a much better 'bishop' experience last Friday. It wasn't scheduled during a beautiful afternoon, it included good food (including a delicious apple tart/fried tortilla), some discussion (which avoided same-sex priesthood topics), and resulted in some challenging stewardship ideas (skip the gimmicks--honestly, the only true path to faithful stewardship is to bring church members to a place where they put Jesus before their own comfort).

I hope the next meeting is more considerate for you.


Big Mama said...

Wonderful pics!! Sounds like your celebration was more for Jonathan: we find such different things worth celebrating when we have kids, don't we????? And doggone if we don't enjoy them as much watching the little faces light up. Sunday afternoon meetings are bummers at best and dreadful if re runs.

Big Mama said...

The Dad asks, "Where are the helmets????"

muzik316 said...

skipper :)

It kills me when people dish up the same crap they dished up before. Thats says to me "Hey, your not worth my effort in coming here" as does his being late. That would drive me nuts, unless of course he had a solid reason.

However the sea is full of opinions and mine stink so...