Thursday, October 19, 2006

What it Looked Like: Running the Marathon

I copied these thumbnail photos from MarathonFoto - don't bother trying to enlarge them, because these are low-resolution pics designed to make me want to buy them (yes, it's working, if you want to know the truth). If the link doesn't work, go to and input Columbus Marathon, my last name, and my bib number, which is 3692.

To give you a little information about the photos and what's going on, the first three are obviously in the first half of the race - as I took off the yellow jersey by the thirteen mile mark (where I saw Kale S. from NK there to cheer on his sister - I was as surprised to see him as he was to see me). The guy in the maroon shirt is Matt, one of my friends I met through Rob, my pastor buddy.

The fourth picture is me and Gary, and, believe me, we felt like we looked in that picture, as we passed the Ohio State football stadium (truth was, I didn't even notice that we were passing the "Shoe" - though logically we had to because of the route. By that point I was too tired to notice much of the surroundings). Up the road, we walked a little bit, but that was the last time I walked.

In the fifth picture, I've regained some strength and am actually running strong again, but I've also stopped trying to look good when I see cameras (hehehehe).

Edit: They added pictures of me finishing. Though the "official" timer has a time of 4:29:30, it took several minutes to actually reach the start line, so the chip timer got my time at 4:26:46. Meaning it didn't even take me three minutes to get to the start line. Finally, there I am posing for the "Finisher" picture.

Oh, and for the record, I will be purchasing some of their photos. It's too big an event for me to not have any.


Mary Beth said...

Yeah, I was a total sucker too when Jay ran Chicago. I have quite the collection of MarathonFoto photos.

Big Mama said...

I could have picked you out even though i couldn't see your face. You have a distinctive form running. Don't blame you: I'd buy some too!

the Sister said...

You have to buy at least one, or you'd forever regret it. "Gee, I wish I'd bought a picture of that..."

Anonymous said...

Brian, Congrats! Maybe I'll see you at the Twin Cities marathon some day! :) (America's most beautiful urban marathon!)