Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some Things Bouncing Around My Head

I was going to post on family stuff, but someone else has been doing a fantastic job of that lately (complete with pictures), so I thought I haven't had a really random post for a while, so here's what's bouncing around in my head.

1. Monday I turned in all of my remaining materials to the Board of Ordained Ministry for them to accept my credentials as an Elder in Full Connection. That means I should interview with the Board on March 12 or 13. In the meantime, I found out that there's a required retreat right down the road at Maria Stein that I wasn't all that aware of. So now that's on my calendar. It's been alternately good and bad, so we'll see what happens this year. One year there was an excellent story-telling speaker who drew wonderful word pictures. Unfortunately, because of terrible weather, she had a tough time getting there and so all of her lectures ended up being stuffed together. It was like eating several huge meals... all at one sitting. A little tough to digest, and after a while, I just wanted to sleep.

2. My old running buddy wants me to run in the Louisville Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. It looks like a good course and everything, but the earlybird (discount) deadline is today, and I just found out about it yesterday. I'd love to run it with him, but I just don't know. Edit: I just signed up for the race, so if you live around here, you'll probably see me running a lot in the coming days. At the Y until the snow is gone.

3. The YMCA is having a contest to see who can swim the most laps during the month of February. All participants get a t-shirt, it seems, and the goal is to swim 4 miles in the month. I was hooked at that part, especially since I usually swim 1/2 to 1 mile whenever I swim, but then I saw that the one who swims the most laps gets a prize. I don't want to be this competitive, but I am thinking about going for the win. Edit: I guess I'll have to mix the running in with the swimming. I won't be going for the win; I swim about 1 mile per hour, and that could get really time consuming if I'm also running marathon-training mileage.

4. Speaking of competition, I've still been playing basketball a couple of times a week. I played decently today and had a lot of fun. Even though I got unmercifully blocked ("get-that-weak-stuff-out-of-here-style") on a lay-up attempt. But then again, even Peter denied Jesus three times...

5. Back to ordination requirements for a minute: last night I had my evaluation with the pastor/parish relations committee (along with a representative from the Conference - a nearby pastor already in full connection). I have such a positive, encouraging committee. I think that's because I'm in an overall very positive, encouraging church. They realy affirmed me and the ministry I'm doing with them. Their only negative statement was regarding my clothing - someone said that I should wear a jacket and tie more. I have some serious and some not-so-serious issues with that. One issue is that I don't really own jackets that are suitable for wearing to church, and our money is going to other areas right now (like lawyer fees and the government). Another is that I get too hot up on stage (like dripping sweat) even in a simple shirt and tie. I do try to wear a tie at least monthly, though (usually when we serve Communion). But who knows. Maybe one day I'll start wearing jackets and ties. Or even a robe. (I thought that might get a laugh out of you)

6. The government. I am sick and tired of politics. I think all of our politicians are at best impotent and at worst crooked, self-absorbed liars and thieves. "If you elect me, I'll clean up Washington!" we hear, again and again. Yet Washington isn't cleaned up. I guess they need more tax money to clean up Washington. Mostly to support their own extravagent lifestyles and their pet projects. Our government is too big for its britches, and it just keeps demanding more, more, more. I'm sick of it. Not quite sick enough to vote "none of the above" I suppose.

Well, it's time for me to go to choir practice, so that's it for now.


Mary Beth said...

Not a robe guy?

Isn't it great to have a supportive PPR? I think it makes all the difference in the world. I'm glad yours is very affirming.

beautifulmess said...

and the government will be getting a nice big fat return check from me because apparently, i owe them more money than i think i do. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

on the flip side, and totally unrelated subject - glad to hear you are in a great church. i think this one that i just got hired to will also be the same kind of community!

The Thief said...

No, Mary Beth, I'm not a robe guy. Mostly because of the "apartness" it engenders. I am set apart enough by my calling to a church that moves its pastors out of community - thus there's always enough of the "outsider" mentality already. For someone as relationally minded as I am, I don't need one more barrier.

And congrats on the hiring, Shay! And good luck on finding a loophole or two that will allow you to keep the money you earned.

The Sister said...

Brian in a robe. GIGGLE! Big giggle. Though I am sure he agrees that the pastors who did Adam's baptism need their robes just so people will believe they're old enough to drive...

bryan said...

Ah yes... ordination in the West Ohio Conference. I remember it well. Wouldn't do that again for all the tea in Greece. Kind of a curious way to entice young people who will not be making a lot of money into our profession.

You'll be in my prayers. I'm sure you'll do fine.