Thursday, March 08, 2007

Running Log

Last night after choir practice, for no reason I could determine, Homer blurted out, "Are you going to bike 4000 miles this summer?" Now, I understand that Homer has biked 4000 miles in a year (some of his former co-workers actually made him a plaque, mostly to tease him, but he received it as a huge complement). I haven't biked more than a couple hundred miles in a year (that I can determine), but what I have done is this: in the past 5 weeks, I have run 166.4 miles. Meaning that I've averaged just under 33.3 miles per week (even including some snow days). If I were to continue at that pace for the whole year, I'd end up running over 1700 miles.

Yesterday I was scheduled for a 5 miler, so I ran the first two miles as a warm up and tried to break my adult 5K time. I was successful, coming in at 20:30 (40-50 seconds faster than my fastest 5K from last year - in which I won my age group).

I did get a good chance to run a different course this week, as I ran outside Noblesville, IN. I enjoyed a little bit of topography, but I was distressed at the amount of garbage thrown along the road, especially the beer cans and bottles. I guess drunk driving is alive and well in that part of Nobletucky. :-(


Dunce said...

I just drank a glass of water in less than five minutes. If I keep that pace up for the whole year, erm, dogbite.

My personal cycling mileage last year was nearly 3000, could have been much better but I had a long, drawn-out flu on a couple of different occasions. It helps to have a daily commute > 10 miles (round trip), although I do have public transportation alternatives.

Big Mama said...

And it isn't in your part of the world(Drunk driving that is)? Guess those license plates for DDs would be a deterrent, huh?

Dunce, of course said...

Double-D license plates? What about fuller figured ladies? Are they to be neglected?