Thursday, May 17, 2007

A God-incident

The parsonage refrigerator is not in great shape, so we set out to Sears to check out what they had. We liked the one that I've pictured, in case you care. They weren't very busy and so the salesguy was able to spend quite a bit of time with us. We picked out what we wanted and so he asked about paying.

Well, we're doing it through the church, so I told him it was for the parsonage and I had to check with the Trustees about how to go about it, and the salesguy asked, "You live in a parsonage? So do I!"

It turns out that he is the worship leader for a nearby UMC (and his wife is their youth pastor) and they have only been in the area for 9 months. It further turns out that he is (of course) a musician and that he and his wife love (and are having a hard time finding) ethnic food.

We went to Sears to find a refrigerator; it looks like God intended for us to find a colleague and friend.


The Sister said...

A FRIEND!?!?! That would be GREAT!!!

Angie said...

That's awesome!!! Sounds like a prayer has been answered. God is so good!

Big Mama said...

WOW!! Your freezer looks TONS bigger than our LG one. Great choice!
Everyone could use a good friend or 2; hope you follow up on this one!