Monday, May 21, 2007

I Guess I'm Weird, Too.

Deneice tagged me to write six unique things about me. Then I'm supposed to tag six people. So let me stretch my brain to try to come up with strange/unique/weird things about me.
  1. I enjoy public speaking.
  2. I have a short attention span. Very short.
  3. In middle school and high school, although I played sports, I was also in the science club, I participated on the debate team, and I was the top scorer on the middle school math team (that said, when I was a senior and was getting the National Merit Scholarship, a classmate a year younger said, "I didn't know you were smart!").
  4. I am a morning person and I don't like coffee.
  5. My three favorite bands are the Allman Brothers Band, the Violet Burning, and the Toy Dolls.
  6. I used to have an army jacket with the name "WEIRD" on it. That pretty well sums it up, doesn't it?

Now, as far as tagging someone, if you want to participate, tell me that you are doing so in the comments.


Judy Callarman said...

Very interesting--I'll do it, as I am totally devoid of ideas for Thursday Thirteen this week. Is it legal to use this for both?

Big Mama said...

I would enjoy doing this: I love things like this! Guess that's the first weird thing, huh? But, not until I can get on my blog site (little grin)!