Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blogging From Annual Conference, II

This year at Annual Conference, one of the main foci was electing delegates to General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference. As a pastor with a green nametag until Wednesday night's ordination service (green = probationary elder = no vote), I skipped out on all the elections; why sit in uncomfortable Hoover Auditorium and get frustrated at the constant repetition of how to vote and so forth.

Tuesday morning I went to a 35 and under clergy breakfast (it was suggested that maybe the 35 and unders might want to schedule a late-night option), but it was cool to meet some other young clergy. We all had a laugh at the fact that in his episcopal address, the bishop urged the church to be "nimble." Oh, the irony of the head of the bureaucracy calling on those "under" him to be nimble. Especially when I'll bet that 90%+ of the audience couldn't touch their toes...

I met a friend of JCaptian74 who had been subscribed to my old xanga blog back in the day - my second meeting of someone who knew me simply from the blogosphere (the other was Bryan from Bryan's Office). After the 35 and under get-together conversation started to go downhill ;-) we headed back for session... only to find that they were voting again. So we all sat out back and goofed off.

Of course, just like the last time I blogged about Annual Conference, I found myself quickly out of time. The main difference is that now I have one of the coveted white nametags, identifying me as one with full voting rights (and, I guess, responsibility as well), and furthermore, the recommendations that seem interesting are up for discussion this afternoon...

So I'll finish my commentary on Annual Conference at a later time. In the meantime, behave yourselves.

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