Saturday, June 09, 2007

We're On A Mission From God!

The VBS we did this year had a "special agent" theme, and PD and I dressed up in outfits that were supposed to remind one of the Blues Brothers. Funny, since the kids aren't old enough to have watched the Blues Brothers (I hope).

We both hit the thrift stores - I got a pretty nice black suit jacket, and PD bought us matching black hats (and he also bought a 1980's short tie).

We had a lot of fun doing our roles, and the kids enjoyed it, too... in fact, I ran into some VBS kids at the gas station, and they were excited to call me "PB" (as I was called for the duration of the week).

Unfortunately, there was just one little mishap.
In Wednesday's scene, I was supposed to be "in training" and PD was called to "challenge" me. You can see part of the fun in the picture - I was doing voodoo martial arts (waving my arms a lot) while PD was slapping at me.

The scene ended with me putting him in a side headlock and giving him a noogie, at which point, he cried "UNCLE!"

What I didn't realize was that when I put him in the side headlock, he also twisted his neck (perhaps trying to escape?). The next day, he could hardly move! In fact, we had to enlist a different special agent (thanks, Mindy!) to do the scene on Thursday. He was able to participate on Friday, even though he was in pain.

I felt bad about nearly killing my fellow pastor, but he'll be OK. After all, If I've learned anything from watching movies, I know that special agents are good at bouncing back from nearly fatal injuries.

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The Lundys said...

"I felt bad about nearly killing my fellow pastor" - now there's a great line! too funny! glad he's okay! :)