Friday, July 20, 2007

Another First!

Jonathan has articulated a dislike for many bugs (though he loves his toy bugs, and on Tuesday he and I played with them for over an hour). There was a big bug (a wasp?) on his Lightning McQueen chair (outside) that kept him from even touching his beloved chair.

He called it " that mean old bug."

There are some "good" bugs (namely ladybugs, and he liked the praying mantis we found), but the other night, he found a new bug he really liked.

Lightning Bugs!

We were up late last week pretty much every night, but one night it was getting dark and the lightning bugs were coming out, so I pointed one out to him, and he caught it. He had so much fun with it!
It would crawl up his arm, and he would let it go and then try to catch it again.
It was almost worth him being way overtired the next day to see his wonder and joy at catching a lightning bug. And at least he didn't ask, "Mommy, may I kill it?" (like he did later this week after torturing one for a while)

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muzik said...

I think we as kids to did the torture thing. Some bugs just deserved to die... looking back, maybe thats the wrong attitude.

I heard once that if you kill a spider it will rain. I was playing on the arm when I was 10 and lifted a rock. A huge spider came crawling out and I jumped on it as hard as I could. At the second my foot made contact a huge bolt of lighting struck within a mile. needless to say I ran fast to the house and it rained within 15 minutes.