Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Update

We have some new toys. For a long time, Tara has wanted to like bike riding, but it's always been a little too painful for her. Until Annual Conference at Lakeside this year, that is, when she found out that a more upright sitting position was actually comfortable and fun!

So we have been planning and budgeting to buy new bikes, and yesterday we did just that. I will include action pictures of us on our bikes when we take them, but for now, here are our new bikes.

Mine is the red one, Tara's is the blue one, and Jonathan's is the cool one that rides behind mine. He loves it. Oh, just so you don't think Andrew is getting left out, he's now big enough to sit in the bike seat on the back of Tara's bike.

After we bought our bikes, we stopped at Marmon Valley Farm on the way home. You can take a virtual tour HERE. We had a picnic dinner, we got to feed deer, ducks, rabbits, a horse, and goats (the goats liked to lick a lot), we got to play in an amazing barn-playground, we got to climb on a tractor... And what did Jonathan like best? The kittens that joined us (begged) while we ate our picnic lunch.


Derek said...

Goooooo Devils! We'll take one this year.

Derek said...

AGH! Now you're coming back on us!!!!

Katie said...

KITTIES!!!!!! You should have taken one home. Glad you guys had a great time. Those bikes are really nice.

The Thief said...

If we weren't allergic to kitties, maybe we'd have taken one home.