Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Before I get to my post, I'd like to say HI to my new guests and readers of my blog - it's good to have you here. You're not going to find much controversy, though, so if you're looking for anything that's been stirred up about one of my friends, it isn't here.

Also, if you're on dial-up, this post might take a while to load (sorry, Mom!).

That said, it was a wonderful weekend here. This was my dad's last week of work, so he's officially retired now. If you want to buy cool stuff off e-bay, buy it from my dad. But that really doesn't have anything to do with our weekend, really.

What does have to do with our weekend is this: on Friday, for my day off, both Tara and I had the same idea - let's go to the Toledo Zoo. So that's just what we did. Of course, it helps that our Boonshoft Discovery Museum membership pays for the Toledo Zoo, too.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the day, and we had a blast. Andrew loves looking at the zoo animals, and it didn't even seem like he minded too badly being stuck in his stroller for most of it.

All the animals were out - some were playing, others were resting. I liked the white lions and the elephant baby and the polar bear babies best. Tara liked the polar bear babies - and who wouldn't? They were playing and swimming and wonderfully cute. Jonathan loved the aquarium - he liked seeing the "Nemo" fish (clown fish), but he really liked the huge shark on the wall (the one with its mouth open), and he loved playing with me, pretending that I was his "friend Grape" (yeah, he has an imaginary friend who is a grape named Grape. I'm not making this up. Well, I kind of did, but that was at lunch the other day, when I was making his food "talk" and I was telling him stories about his friend grape... yeah, my friends with the white coats are coming by to take me to that special room with pillows on the walls again).

Then on Saturday, there was a party in town. Yes indeedy, it was the NK Fall Festival. We got over the disappointment of not getting to jump in the inflatable jumper thing (it cost $10 for an "all day" wristband to jump, and they wouldn't let us pay for one trip in, even though there wasn't anyone else there at the time).

So we went to the kids' tent and played some carnival games and won some little prizes (the boys liked the tattoos best). Then we watched our church kids do their puppet show. Andrew especially loves puppets.

Later in the afternoon, it was time for the local parade. This means two things for Jonathan: fire trucks, and TONS of candy. It seemed like everyone gives out candy. Jonathan was awesome with his - there was a little boy behind us who was kind of shy about going and getting candy, so Jonathan would go back with his hands full of candy for him, What a good boy.

...oh yeah. The parade also meant Homer on his bike. Yes, that is really Homer on his bike, and he really was a parade entry. He was right behind the New Bremen aerial ladder truck. Homer was so proud of himself - that was the first thing he said at church on Sunday, even before the weather report and even before the sports update.

As he approached, Jonathan said, "There's Homer!" He was excited to see him on a bike.

...and yes, you read it right. New Bremen has an aerial ladder truck. That's a whole 'nother story!!


Derek said...

Great pic of the three of you at the zoo, B! But who's that guy in the blue shirt? LOL, you know I kid.

We can't wait to take ours to the zoo when she's old enough.

Katie said...

My god your kids are so dang cute

Jeff Greathouse said...

just wanted to drop you a hello; hope all is well.

Rev.Dulce said...

Good for Homer on his bike. Tell him to decorate it next time. Wow, an aerial truck you guys are really in the big city.

big mama said...

Bless little Jonathan and his generosity! Reminds me of his dad at that age--remember the camera? Still brings a lump in my throat as did Jonathan's antics! Wonderful pictures, by the way.