Friday, September 28, 2007

Why Do I Blog?

I've seen all sorts of internet interaction, and I have heard all sorts of questions/debates along the lines of "Does real community happen on the internet?" I have read many blogs (and many of you who read this will be the owners of those blogs I read).

The blog is an interesting animal. It seems to be a fast way to get news out. I use blogger technology to help our congregation to know our prayer needs, and I publish my weekly sermons on a blog. For some, this "getting the news out" means commenting on local, national, or world news. I comment on local news so much as it affects me - but that's getting ahead of myself. Much of the national news commentary (here) seems to be espousing partisan politics (mainly by bashing the other side. This type of blog gets lots of press and many readers, but what does that really accomplish?

Something I frequently see (and usually bypass) is the ever-so-common "I saw this on tv" blog. Yikes. Sorry, I know that some of you really love your tv shows, and I'm not much of a tv watcher. But I read a lot of books (a lot) and some of them are very good, but I don't feel the need to blog about them... I guess if a book were significantly bad, I'd probably write about it just for the benefit of my family.

I'm also not much of a "my favorite professional sports team did..." kind of blogger. Now if I go to a game, I'm likely to comment on it, because it will be a significant experience (like when I went to the EPL soccer game back in 2003). When I do write about sporting events, it's usually because I have a personal stake in them (I like to sometimes write up match reports of games I've played or coached in, and our New Knoxville Rangers are having a break-out year this year which makes me pretty proud).

I like to read blogs with significant thought put into the posts. That doesn't mean they have to make me think, but the thought behind it is important. I used to love my sister's newspaper column because it brought back all sorts of memories. My brother used to sometimes help his friend "Frank" out with "article research" and I loved reading his columns.

But mostly, I like to read blogs about the lives of people I know. Sometimes I can get to know someone better by reading their blogs. Occasionally I've even made a real-world friend by reading their blog.

So why do I blog?

I mostly blog because I like to write.


Shayna said...

Rarely do I blog about TV, but I got hooked this past week!

Brian Eberly said...

Good reasons Brian. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate you reading mine. It has been a very fun way for me to meet new people such as yourself. Thank you.

The Thief said...

Shay, I wasn't trying to pick on you for blogging about tv - I'm thinking about the type of blog that really gets into shows as if they were reality...

Katie said...

I blog about what I am thinking. Sometimes it makes sense and sometimes, it just doesn't. I knwo Derek blogs about sports and News etc and I tell him...hey why not blog about YOU instead of a news feed blog. SOmetimes he does. I love reading blogs because ti gives me a glimpse into the lives of those I have met through "communities" (some true communities, others not so much...not a slam, I can just think of a couple messageboards I am on where I don't feel a sense of community and one where I truly do).

At any rate, I just think blogs are amazing :)

Jeff Greathouse said...

I think that is the beauty of blogging, you can find whatever you are interested in.

Of course, I know that I drive people crazy because my blog is all over the place.

muzik said...

i guess you don't read my blog much. I don't go overboard on shows but some days I can be pretty random. Sometimes the thoughts are on God and sometimes not. Sometimes they are sport related, but very rarely. I actually think that my blog has been lacking "good" content as of late. I have not posted a picture for Photography Friday in well over a month.

It's sad.

muzik said...

I was just messing with you... kinda hard to tell tone though from a blog reply. I was laughing... however it is sad that my content has some what lacked since the move.