Friday, January 11, 2008

This is what a PK is supposed to look like.


Brian Eberly said...

All he needs is a guitar!

Rev. Dulce said...

What a cute PK!! But I'm thinking he needs a drum set.

Big Mama said...

And a Cowboy Hat!!!

The Thief said...

Which is it going to be? Guitar or drum set? Mohawk or cowboy hat?


Mary Beth said...


Ashley said...

This is going to sound strange.
I stumbled across your blog via another blog awhile back.

Your wife was one of my teachers in Lexington, KY, and I've debated writing this for quite some time now.

Perhaps you've seen the movie "About a Boy," but maybe not... Either way, there's a quote in it that summed up my life during the time she was my teacher: "I was having a sh*t time at home, and a sh*t time at school." Except for that one hour of her class. Looking back, now that I am much older, and hopefully a little bit wiser on the ways of the world, I know now that that sole hour every day really was what got me through. Always having a smile as she walked past on days when my locker was flooded (yes... flooded), saying Hi while I was walking into class, and being genuinely kind... it really, really meant a lot. There were no smiles at home those few years, and certainly no smiles from any of my other teachers. And I'd become the master of hiding it all. Being an incredibly shy 6th and 7th grader, I was in no state to say thank you to her without believing I would surely cause myself extreme embarrassment and utter humiliation.

I appreciate all of those smiles and pats on the back, because they're what helped get me through that time in my life.

Sure I had lots of friends, but not the kinds of friends that I could talk to about everything - not the kinds that I have now.

And maybe it's weird, and maybe it's creepy, and maybe it's fate that I saw your blog, but now that I'm older and no longer a shy 7th grader, I wanted to say thank you. I really appreciate everything she probably didn't even know she was doing for me. I will always be grateful.
Please relay that message to her.

Ashley Cummings.

Tara said...

Hi Ashley,

It is great to hear from you. From your post time I assume you are a college student now. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me your story. I am glad you were able to get through those tough junior high years and become (what sounds like) a wonderful, grown up, happy adult. I am so glad for you! Stop by our site and comment anytime. Anything we can pray for or do for you is our pleasure! May God bless you in your adventures!

Jeff Greathouse said...

Classic & Precious