Thursday, March 06, 2008

Andy's First Day of School

We never thought Andrew would be the first to go off to school, but because his speech is delayed, we've been getting him some tests and he gets to go to a preschool with a speech program.

This morning was his first day of school, so he got to get on the schoolbus and head out to class.

Jonathan felt slightly left out because he didn't get to ride the schoolbus, but he got over it quickly when he realized that he was going to get special time with both parents.

Andrew was a little sad being left on the bus, but he had a great time at school. He worked puzzles, he did a peg board, he played, he ate all his snack (big surprise there), he got along just fine, and he snoozed hard on the bus ride home.

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Big Mama said...

How is he doing? Does he like it? How do they keep those little guys in the bus seats? This picture looked so very sweet! He is sooooooo little but bet he feels like a big boy now.