Sunday, June 08, 2008

Annual Conference 2008

For any non-Methodists, Annual Conference is both the regional division of the church, presided over by a bishop, and it is the yearly gathering for the business of the church as well as worship and fellowship.

There have been some inspiring speakers (Adam Hamilton, in last year's messages, made me proud to be in the UMC, and William Willimon is scheduled to preach this year), while others have been, er, less than stellar. There are lots of reports and debates, none of which I'm thrilled about. I enjoy the fellowship, especially as I have made some friends. I like going for morning runs with some of the guys and hanging out with the under35 clergy (it's a mindset, not an exclusive age range).

We invited my family to come along, and the boys are already enjoying their cousins.

Stay tuned for more reports from A.C.!

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