Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annual Conference, Day 3

Again the day began with a run - again twice around Lakeside with a walk to cool off. As I got there, the sunrise was beautiful, full of brilliant color. The blues, oranges, and greens were spectacular. The youth delegates showed up there at "4:46" in the morning... but I got there at 6:00am and saw it. The run was good and tiring.

First on the agenda was Pastor Rudy Rasmus again, and this worship service was again excellent. He spoke from John 5 on Jesus healing the paralytic by the pool near the sheep gate. He was fantastic once again, speaking with a prophetic voice to our conference.

Our legislations actually went well, and I had my covenant group over for lunch. After lunch came the potentially divisive recommendations... two of which were tabled. One guy angrily "requested" that they be untabled, but that was soundly defeated.

I've never experienced such a pleasant environment in A.C. in the 7 years I've gone.

This year's theme was "love first" and it seems that people have taken it seriously. The ones who decorated the stage did a fantastic job. There were dancing shadow figures of various colors and they were used all over the stage in different ways (including wearing basketball jerseys one day). It is neat to have such talented people able to do such cool things!

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