Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Angels Among Us

Last night I went to a prayer vigil for Dennis, a local boy who has been given 1-3 weeks to live (due to brain cancer, which he has been fighting for multiple years).

They had a speaker system set up and at one point they played the Alabama song Angels Among Us. At this point I was talking to someone I've met around town, and I told her that my grandmother has been having regular angel visits (my mom initially told me about them, but Grandma confirmed it by telling me about the angel - she told me that he never lets her see his face, and I expect that he will one day...).

Anyway, I was told that Dennis has been seeing angels as well. Furthermore, when he came home from the hospital, a dove showed up by his house and hasn't left. There are various folklore explanations as to why this dove might be there, and it could be that it has lived nearby for years and was never noticed until someone "wanted" to notice it (possibly because they knew of the folklore explanation), but that doesn't explain the angel sighting, or the fact that my mother, who does a lot of hospice chaplain work, has experienced many multiple people who, near death, have seen angels.

When I started in ministry, I asked a colleague, Eldon, who worked with me as visitation pastor (and is also a very good funeral director - I want him to do my funeral) how he gets through funerals. He told me what a precious time it is with a family; that this is the one time in this mortal life that they come closest to the immortal, when the veil is thinnest.

I don't pretend that I "get" it, but that's OK. It still makes sense to me, and I'm OK with the mystery. All I know is that there is more going on than we can see...

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