Sunday, August 03, 2008


There's something about sharing the Gospel that can be scary. I understand that. But please don't give the "I don't know what to say" excuse.

Why not?

This weekend, as we traveled up to see part of my family, Jonathan (age 4) told us that he "wanted to tell Grandma Skelly about Jesus."

So when we got there, he went to her and told her the following:

I want to tell you about Jesus. The bad people put him up on a cross. And they put nails in his feet and in his hands to keep him there. And he died. But then he came back alive!

I asked him where Jesus is now.

He responded: He lives in heaven, but he is in my heart.

A four year old gave a clear Gospel presentation. I think you can, too.


Rev.Dulce said...

My best theology professors were in my Pre-School Sunday School class.

Big Mama said...

Mine too, Rev. the thing you can't quite get on Blog is his expression as he told the Story! Granny had him tell me too and when he told me he was so excited! His eyes just sparkled when he told me, "And do you know what, Grandma? He is ALIVE NOW!"
And do you know where he lives? He lives in Heaven but he lives in our hearts too! And so does God. Did you know that??!!" it was just beautiful!! Ok, so I said to him, "Jonathan, I bet ;you will be a preacher like Daddy. His response, very condescendingly: "Well, no, Grandma; you know I am going to be a police officer." (sorry. I couldn't find a spell check!)