Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday!

As of Monday, Andrew is 2! He had a great birthday, including dirt cake (complete with gummy worms, his favorite part). He also made quite a haul in the toy department. We got him a Plasma Car. "Nanna and Poppa" got him a Batman Big Wheel, and "Gramps and Grandma" got him a Little Einstein Rocket (which Jonathan has appropriated as his new favorite toy) and a big purple ball (suitable for bouncing on).

After his nap, we went to the Blackhand Gorge for a bike ride, where we took some fun pictures of the boys. After that, we picked up some take-out and had a picnic at a park in Granville (and the boys had a great time playing). We "met" a family like ours there - possibly the first family we've seen who actually behaves like we do when at the park (actively playing with their kids instead of just sitting on a bench and watching the kids). Jonathan and their older son Drew (both four) had a great time playing together. Then (at a reasonable time) their parents told them it was time to go home so they could get baths and read books. Sounds like us!
We all had a happy Andrew's birthday!


Big Mama said...

An extra happy Birthday to Andrew and we are so glad to have been a little old part of it!! He was sooooooooo cute! Proud Granny

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Andrew! Sorry the London aunt and uncle are clow pokes (and forgetful), but your present will get there.

---Mrs Dunce

Amy said...

Wow, how adorable are your boys?!?! Very adorable! Sounds like a great birthday! Happy birthday, Andrew!