Monday, October 06, 2008


I last blogged about the progress on the house a month ago, when the work (finally) started. After the addition was torn down, a hole was dug, a footer was poured, and a foundation was built. This past week, Chip came and built the floor.

This past Saturday we returned from an outing to find Chip back at work, building walls. We (meaning Tara and I, as well as Julie and Johanna, who happened to be passing by at the time) helped him lift the third wall into place. Then, as I chased after our kids, Tara did the sawing and Chip did the building.

Sunday afternoon, I left to be a supervising elder at a charge conference in Heath (just up the road). When I returned, there was a crew working on the house (no, not these guys. or these guys, either). Chip, Arney, Dr. Jim, Terry, and Rudy were all there to build the second floor.

It looks like this might happen after all! :-)

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Big Mama said...

WOW!! Looks exciting! Bet the boys are thrilled with all the work. Are they helping too?