Saturday, November 01, 2008


I've not been one to dive headfirst into Halloween festivities, though I hear that it's the #2 retail holiday in the US (behind Christmas, of course). I have never liked the emphasis on all things scary, witchcrafty, and demonic. However, I do like the community aspect, such as giving out candy to kids (and our kids love dressing up and getting candy).

Trick or Treat night was Thursday in Millersport, and the community turned out in droves. We live on the "main drag" and were expecting large crowds, so we "hired" Rudy to hand out candy on our porch while we went to get our candy. He didn't know what to expect and even brought a book to read... heh heh heh. We had something in the area of 600 pieces of candy for him to hand out! The whole town turned out for the festivities, including many people who set up camp along the street to hand out candy (that's what you do if you don't live on our street, apparently). We even had an extra couple invite themselves to set up shop on our porch - apparently they did that while the previous pastor lived here.

Jonathan was a police officer (thanks to his grandma, who, against her feelings about Halloween, made him his costume. Andrew was a bumble bee. I'll post some pictures of both boys in a separate post. But the local policeman wanted to get a picture with Jonathan, and here it is. Apparently they will soon have their picture on the Millersport Police website...

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Big Mama said...

I did go onto that site in your blog but didn't see Jonathan's picture: can you send me the website another way? I heard it was to be on there soon.