Friday, November 28, 2008


So much has happened in the past year, so much to be thankful for! In fact, we have a lot to be thankful for right within the last couple of weeks. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was wondering if the house would or could possibly be ready for company. We had people in pretty much every day doing something, whether it was plumbing, running electric, putting in doors, and so much more, but shortly before the first of the company came, the house was (almost) ready for company.

There is no door on the main level bathroom, which is OK because for some reason the toilet isn't operational (a good reminder not to use it). There is a lot of cosmetic work that still needs to be done, closets and pantry need shelves, and there are some other things that are still waiting, but the laundry room is operational, as is the new upstairs bathroom!

We hosted my family for Thanksgiving, and it was great. On Sunday afternoon, my brother and his wife got here for their stateside visit, and it was great to see them. On Tuesday, my parents got here, and on Wednesday, my sister and her family got here.

Our Thanksgiving meal was a thing of beauty. Everything made with fresh ingredients (if at all possible) and lots and LOTS of real cream. Mmmmmm. I consumed a year's worth of carbonated caffeinated beverages. Mmmmmm. How many miles do I need to run to make up for it all?

We've played lots of games, including such classics as Mouse Trap and Dominoes (with the 4 year olds) and Pangea, Settlers of Catan, Chrononauts, and Bohnanza with the adults. It's been a lot of fun with not much drama at all (except from Andrew's little cousin on his first night sleeping here. Oh, did I say "sleeping"? He didn't do much of that, and was up "ready to play" at 1:00 am - but even he decided the second night was fine for sleeping!)

This was the best Thanksgiving all year!

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Big Mama said...

And your house looked beautiful and you were great hosts and we had a wonderful time!!!