Thursday, December 04, 2008

Working on the House

Sorry for no updates on the house lately (though I surmise that everyone who is really interested in how the house is coming along was here for Thanksgiving). I've been busy and didn't get many pictures through a lot of the work.

There has been MUCH work since October, when I last updated. Drywall was installed. Plumbing was installed (one toilet doesn't yet work, but the other does, and all the sinks work). In fact, Andrew helped Uncle David put fixtures in one of the bathrooms.

We have done lots of painting; one night we had a painting party and painted our bedroom (blue), painted the new upstairs bathroom (yellow), painted the new laundry room (green), and primed the new kitchen area.
The new flooring was installed, and it is wonderful.
Then we had another painting party and painted the kitchen area (two brown shades). This is what it looked like Thanksgiving, shortly before food was served.
There is still work to be done - the siding is going up, and there is a deck to be built on the back (right now, the first step is a doozy). The closets need shelves, bathroom lights (and fans) need installed, and the bathroom off the kitchen needs a door.
But if you look at what we had on Labor Day and what we have now... what a difference!

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Big Mama said...

Amazing how much you had done since we were last there not all that long ago!!!!!!!